Coronavirus Update


As the ODH as issued a Stay at Home order for all of Ohio, we would like to keep you up to date for our policies.
1. *****At this time, we are requesting that clients and barn staff NOT be present for appointments or maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.
Your safety and the safety of our staff is our priority. We will communicate with clients via telephone. In the case of after hour emergencies, we ask that if you are feeling ill or have known exposure, please have someone else available to assist the doctor after hours.
2. Beginning Tuesday 3/24, our office phones will be monitored by voicemail. If you are calling to schedule an appointment, requesting prescription refills, to make a payment, or other non-urgent matter please leave a message in the regular voicemailbox. Our office staff will be checking the voicemail every hour as they will be working remotely. If you have an EMERGENCY, please leave a message in the emergency voicemail box and a doctor will return your call as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please let us know.


Due to the continued evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak and changes in the recommendations by the CDC, Lebanon Equine Clinic will be enacting the following changes. Please understand we do this for the healthy and safety of our clients, our staff and our doctors!.

1. Most importantly, we WILL continue to provide emergency care throughout this entire process. The healthy and well-being of our patients is paramount.

2. Our office will be CLOSED to clients as of Tuesday 3/16/20. We request that all communication be done over the phone. Our staff will still be available to answer phone calls and take payments over the phone.

3. At this time, we are requesting that clients and barn staff NOT be present for appointments. Your safety is our priority. We travel across counties and territories. We will have technician or assistants with us. We will communicate with clients via telephone. In the case of after hour emergencies, we ask that if you are feeling ill or have known exposure, please have someone else available to assist the doctor after hours.

4. Medications or other items needing to be picked up from the office will be placed outside by 9am and 6pm. Please understand we are trying to limit your exposure and our staff’s exposure. We are taking extra caution to clean all of our items to minimize exposure risk.

5. At this time, we are still seeing routine appointments. If this changes, your veterinarian will contact you to reschedule. LEC wants to stay healthy and continue to serve you and your animals.

We apologize for any inconvenience these policies may cause, but we hope that our clients will understand. If you have any questions or concerns please call.


As veterinarians, a key part of the oath that we took was to protect and promote public health. We at Lebanon Equine Clinic take that oath very seriously and are working to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  As of yesterday, there have been cases as close as Columbus, Ohio.  In an effort to remain open and protect ourselves and the public, we are working within the CDC’s guidelines to keep our clinic and staff free of the virus.

Most importantly, we WILL continue to give your animals the care they need, both scheduled and emergency coverage.

We are equally concerned about the health and well being of you – our client family. We travel across many counties and see people from all walks of life, and because this disease can be spread without symptoms, we want to protect you from inadvertent exposure. As such, we will be implementing the following protocol, effective immediately, to protect you and your neighbors:

1) ****For any existing or new clients over the age of 50 and/or with pre-existing conditions (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and cancer): Please have your animals haltered and confined before we arrive. We strongly recommend that you remain in your homes or a gooseneck trailer’s distance away from us. We can treat your horses and tell you all about it via the phone or texting.

2) At this time our office will remain open. We have instructed staff not to come to work if they or someone in their family is sick or has coughing or a fever.  We are dedicated to our work, and this is hard but important. Since we are such a small hospital with a small staff this means that we may be short staffed or unable to see appointments some days.  Please be patient and understanding if we need to reschedule appointments or schedule further in the future than we usually would.

3) Finally, please advise us if you or a member of your family have a fever, cough, or cold-like symptoms. We may request to reschedule your appointment if it is not urgent. If you or a member of your family has been feeling sick, please consult your healthcare provider.  If you are ill and your pet is sick, please call us so that we can protect ourselves. As of now, it seems that animals do not get ill from COVID-19, but can be the vector to transmit the virus to people, so we would take extra precautions. If you or a member of your family are ill, now is not the time to get your pet’s routine “maintenance”.  That can be postponed for a couple weeks.

Please, if you have any questions regarding our plan, give us a call! Your health and the health of your animals remain our priority and we are always proud to be your health care providers.

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When you have a problem or a question, we will be there as members of your horse’s team. Our veterinarians will take the time you need to make things as simple and understandable as possible.

From wellness and sports medicine to advanced diagnostic testing, dentistry, emergency care and just about everything in between, our team will be with you every step of the way. That is our promise to you as loyal clients!

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